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Excellence in patient care is the heart of our mission. Through integrative therapies, education, and support, we partner with patients to create optimal health and healing at every appointment. Here is what our patients are saying about us.

“Since I have been seeing her, I have had more energy overall, and by working together to address the root causes of my health issues, my symptoms have disappeared. Dr. Hulsing’s collaborative approach to healthcare fosters a learning environment that uplifts her patients, and I look forward to all that I learn at each of our visits. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”
— P. B.

“Dr. Hulsing is extremely knowledgeable and well-read in her field. She is intuitive and attentive. Most importantly she is kind. If you genuinely seek to be well and are willing to learn and make lifestyle choices that best suit your body, you will accomplish your goals with Dr. Hulsing. She is wonderful.”
— A. L.

“Dr. Hulsing has been so great to work with. She listens, asks good questions and is very encouraging. I leave appointments feeling empowered, more knowledgeable and well supported as I work to improve my digestive issues and overall health. I’m so glad I found Dr. Hulsing and such a well rounded health care facility.”
— S.D.

“Dr. Hulsing has always been open to investigating things for me that she did not know about and gets back to me with the answer. She is her word and when she says she will get back to you she does. That goes a long way with me. I’m lucky to have a doctor like Dr. Hulsing.”
— B.E.

“Going to Dr. Hulsing has been life altering for me. Dr. Hulsing is very knowledgeable on a variety of areas and willing to explain it all in laymans’ terms and cost-benefit analysis so I can understand my own health and make my own decisions. A year after my initial visit, with some discipline in a variety of areas from sinus and joint pain to hormone balance to stress management, without drugs or even testing in my case, but with the indispensable help of Dr. Hulsing. The cost has been moderate, HSA-approved, and worth every penny, and I know I will save money on traditional medicine in the long run due to my improved wellness. If you want a better quality of life without quick-fix drugs that carry their own side effects, do this for yourself.”
— C.O.