Pediatric Health

Dr. Hulsing specializes in comprehensive pediatric care for children. More physical growth and brain development happen in this time period than any other time so we help children create a strong foundation of health that lasts a lifetime. Laying down the groundwork in the early years goes a long way in protecting children from allergies, asthma, eczema, digestive complaints, immune system dysfunction, mental-emotional issues, diabetes, and a myriad of other chronic health problems

Dr. Hulsing recommends the safest and most effective therapeutics that natural and conventional medicine offer for children.  Natural therapies often minimize the need for conventional medications but Dr. Hulsing does not hesitate to recommend and make referrals for these medications when indicated.

Whether you are looking for integrative care for your family, a natural medicine expert to collaborate care with your pediatrician, or recommendations that provide your children with a strong foundation of health that lasts a lifetime, Dr. Hulsing can help.

Because Dr. Hulsing believes a holistic approach is the most effective method to keep children healthy and strong, she focuses on many essential areas during well-child and sick child visits including:

  • Preventing and treating common illnesses and conditions with integrative therapies
  • A healthy diet individualized to meet the specific needs of the child
  • Strategies for creating a safe, healthy home environment
  • Potential chemical and toxin exposures and ways to  minimize risk
  • Beneficial sleep schedules
  • Support for a healthy immune system
  • Parenting strategies that get to the root of behavioral issues
  • Solid food introduction plan to optimize your baby’s health
  • Digestive health and food sensitivities
  • Special topics in adolescent health—we have extensive experience working with adolescents and the issues that arise in this group.